BBM Bergbau Bau Maschinenbau
24. July 2015

The BBM Company Group has again been awarded the safety label

Quality label “Sicher mit System”

The companies of the BBM Group headquartered in Mülheim an der Ruhr have been working as service providers to the German mining industry since 1990. BBM companies operate with 700 skilled miners at all coal mining locations of the RAG AG and since 2011 also at DBE, Schacht Konrad. The main services provided by BBM to the mines consist of the realisation of underground mining works in the traditional roadway development through drilling and blasting as well as operating heading machines. They additionally carry out longwall face preparation and salvage works. Throughout 2014, the company has advanced a total of about 6.400 meter in the mines, employing said techniques. BBM Maschinenfabrik GmbH is also a member of the Group, which offers in-house manufactured roadheaders plus comprehensive coverage of other heading machines in both Germany and abroad as well as service and maintenance.

As early as 2008, the BBM Niederlassung Mülheim an der Ruhr and the associated company Operta GmbH were awared the quality label “Sicher mit System”. Since then, the organisation’s diligent execution of SHE (Saftey, Health & Environment) measures has been reasserted numerous times through repeated audits. In 2011, the BBM Bergbau GmbH received the desired quality label as the third company of the Group. During this period, the company has been able to reduce the breakdown times continuously.

Only recently the coveted label has been conferred again to the BBM-companies. Especially the internally established Last Minute Risk Analysis (LMRA)-procedure received a very positive response, according to BG RCI-auditor Bodo Dupré. Each BBM miner carries a DIN A 6-block of LMRA-checklists. They contain questions regarding organisational and technical items of safety at work measures and personal protection equipment. The checklists have to be used at the beginning of a workday and every time before a new task is undertaken. The miner is only to start his work if all questions can be answered with “yes” and/or “does not apply”. If and when a question has to be answered “no”, the employee has to contact his responsible supervisor first. The supervisor will then seek to solve the problem. Each workday, the filled in checklists are collected, checked and filed for later analysis. The managements of the BBM company Group have extended their thanks to the staff for again earning the awarding of the label. Without the commitment of every single employee it would not have been possible to reach, maintain and to further improve the already high safety standards. In collaboration with BG RCI, the company will strive to intensify their engagement with Safety, Health and Environment in the future, in order to secure production services and ensure strong performances for all companies in the long run.

Rolf Hoffmann, BG RCI, Bochum