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Surface Construction: Precision, Adherence to Deadlines and Logistics

Surface Construction is a sector featuring a massive breadth of demands and contents. Every project, be it routine business or posing a special challenge, calls for specific knowledge and precision.

The BBM Group pools these fortes in its Surface Construction unit and has a proven track record in areas that are critical to success: absolute adherence to deadlines, expertise in all construction stages and in-house logistics, as well as Machines and Construction Materials.
This is how our Employees deliver the outstanding results which the BBM Group is valued for in the Civil Engineering Business Segment in Europe.

Comprehensive Range of Services: Concrete Work, Safety and Quality Inspections

As a professional partner of our customers, we assume responsibility for partial construction projects or across the entire project duration, as needed.

Be it carcassing work in bridge construction or industrial, office or residential buildings, aside from laying brick and installing prefab components, we offer the entire range of concrete work. Our employees carry out exposed concrete work of all classes with maximum levels of smoothness and homogeneity, work with all concrete grades and exposure classes. This includes water-impermeable concrete and work with resin bolts, joint tapes, tie bars and injection tubes.

Like all the fields in which the BBM Group is active, civil engineering is a particularly sensitive one, requiring conscientiousness and high-level skills. Be it in logistics, project execution or Quality and Safety inspections – the BBM Group is a truly professional player in this sector.