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Compliance: The Basis of Our Actions

Since 1990, the BBM Group has stood for excellence in services and products. Our claim is to be a modern and forward-thinking company that delivers excellent services and feels committed to the Core Values of society. We clearly and without limitation commit to compliance of all laws and regulations relating to the business activities of our group of companies. In particular, we disassociate ourselves from any corruptive and anti-competitive practices that contravene the standard of fair competition we have set for ourselves.

Responsibility as Part of Our Company Culture

The Mission Statement of the BBM Group describes our commitment and the way we define ourselves, and provides us with a framework for our internal and external activities. We assume responsibility for creating and sustaining a company culture in which the relevant legal provisions and rules, as well as the ethical and moral principles are adhered to the best of our ability. We expect everyone who works for the BBM Group to respect laws and regulations, and to act accordingly.

Therefore, with assistance from specialized legal experts and tax consultants, we have created a Compliance Handbook. This handbook provides the basis for the actions of every employee of the BBM Group. Furthermore, regular training sessions ensure that our employees are guided in their actions by applicable laws and directives.