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BBM Gruppe – Tagebau und Rohstoffe aus eigenen Lagerstätten

Value Added in Surface Mining

In surface mining, the BBM Group handles the entire scope of planning, exploring and developing mine sites as well as the extraction and processing of various raw materials. Consequently, we realize the complete value chain in surface Mining through to the remediation and re-cultivation of deposits.

We provide the whole infrastructure from machinery and employee teams through to full project teams and services, achieving excellent results as a strong and reliable partner for our customers: raw materials of outstanding quality that are safely extracted with maximum care in conserving the natural environment and resources.

In all projects – be they performed within the scope of Contract Mining, in partnership with our customers or at our own mine sites – we attach utmost value to Safety, Quality and Reliability.

Excellent Raw Materials from our Own Mine Sites

Using state-of-the-art technologies, we produce rock with various grain sizes, high-grade double-crushed split and dimension stone for use in civil engineering. With raw materials of excellent quality, such as coal, limestone, amphibolite and spilite we have firmly established ourselves as a producer and supplier for the energy sector as well as for construction materials and noble metal production in many European countries. The center of our own activities is in Bosnia and Herzegovina where we operate and are currently developing various mine sites.

In addition, we are intensifying our activities around the globe, for instance in the mining markets of North America and Australia.