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Supreme Services for Surface and Deep Mining

The BBM Group has built an excellent reputation in the European mining sector and established itself as an expert for a wide range of project in Surface and Deep mining since the 1990s. Our services encompass the entire range of mining activities, from exploration and development to exploitation and extraction, for instance in tunneling and opening-up work, through to remediation and re-cultivation of abandoned deposits or mines. We carry out these projects by assuming either partial or complete responsibility, as contract mining partners or at our own mine sites. Logistics, machinery and specialist teams are made available by us as needed.

While our mining activities were initially focused mainly on black coal they now encompass all geological formations. In addition, our portfolio includes new project elements such as maintenance and remediation of abandoned shafts or the creation of underground cavities for storage of radioactive waste.

Raw Material Production as a Second Pillar

The mining business segment also encompasses the production and supply of raw materials from our own Mine Sites for energy, construction materials and noble metal production. Dimension stone products such as spilite, limestone or amphibilite as well as coal are part of the high-grade product range we extract and sell from our mine sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Be it in surface or underground mining, our employees are the key to our success in the mining sector. They are characterized by flexibility, outstanding skills and high motivation and are able to bridge short-term gaps in bottlenecks that might occur.