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BBM Gruppe – Bergbau, Schachtsanierung und Lagerstätten für radioaktive Materialien

Underground Mining: Our Range of Services

The fundamental changes seen in underground mining are not matched by many other industries. The BBM Group is perfectly poised to handle them. Our range of services covers existing requirements as well as new tasks that are becoming increasingly relevant to our customers.

Our traditional portfolio encompasses specialty work such as tunneling for opening-up and development work. In black coal, salt and other formations, we are established as a leading service provider and support our long-standing customers as a contract mining partner.
We can also assume responsibility for the completion of full-fledged projects as well as specific project stages, including mining and assembly work, engineering services, maintenance and repair work or consistent safety engineering support.

Our in-house Machinery, supply of required construction materials and highly specialized Personnel who are able to absorb peak workloads with great flexibility complement our capabilities.

Projects Tailored to Meet New Demands: Shaft Remediation and Internationalization

Focused on the future: The BBM Group combines a wealth of experience gained over decades in the fields of Civil Engineering, Mining and Mechanical Engineering. Drawing on such a broad base of expertise, we are perfectly set to handle new tasks such as the maintenance and remediation of abandoned shafts or the creation of underground cavities for radioactive waste storage. Our portfolio also includes mining work around the globe in all geological formations, which we carry out with equal professionalism as the traditional work from which our mining business segment emerged.