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BBM Gruppe – Instandhaltung von Maschinen für den Bergbau und Tunnelbau

For Ruggedness and Long Life: Aftermarket Support and Services

The know-how of the BBM Group is based on in-depth knowledge in machine production and in-house experience gained from projects in which we use our roadheaders, milling loaders and first tillers ourselves.

We know what counts in day-to-day operations – as both the carefully conceived Design of our machines and our associated support and services can tell.

General Overhaul, Maintenance, Personal Attention: The Keys to Decades of Successful Machine Use

We extend the life of your machines and you decide what type of support you want us to provide to you. With a general overhaul at our plant or regular on-site maintenance in your operations we assure reliable planning and trouble-free processes over the long run, which minimizes downtime and reduces costs. The machines can remain in service for decades while meeting the highest quality and safety standards because we continually upgrade time-tested technology with state-of-the art components.

Personal attention is the second element in our support and service concept. If desired, an employee of the BBM Group will commission the machines on site. The customer’s employees can be trained in how to optimally use the equipment and receive instructions on how operate and handle the machines. Direct support of work processes is possible as well. In addition to delivering innovative, robust technology, this is how we ensure smooth and efficient processes.