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BBM Gruppe – Maschinen für den Bergbau und Tunnelbau

Special-Purpose Machines for Mining and Tunneling

At work year in year out: The BBM Group produces machines for Mining and Tunneling based on comprehensive know-how of technical and practical requirements. Our machines used in Underground Mining meet the toughest demands and are suitable for a wide range of uses in these activities.

Roadheader BRH 130

The BRH 130 is a roadheader in the 55 t class with 160 kW cutting power. Designed for mining and tunneling applications, the machine’s 400 mm feed of the whole cutting arm allows intrusion cutting without moving the machine, supported by a rugged loading system with loading arms and a powerful cutting head. Various options are available.

Technical data BRH 130

Roadheader BRH 300/400

The BRH 300/400 roadheader in the 100 t class with impressive 300 kW cutting power (optional 400 kW) is a high-production machine for mining and tunneling applications, with 600 mm feed of the whole cutting arm for intrusion cutting. Optional equipment enhances the versatility of the machine.

Technical data BRH 300/400

Roadheader BRH 178/300 N/H

BRH 178 is designed for cost-efficient extraction of natural mineral deposits in underground and opencast mining and for fast and safe driving of tunnels or other large underground spaces. The cutting arm, which is equipped with an articulated boom, delivers 300 kW of cutting power and allows intrusion cutting without moving the machine.

Technical data BRH 178/300NH

Milling Loaders BML B 110 and BML N 110

These milling loaders have proven their efficiency as extraction and loading devices for medium-hard minerals and rocks. They are equally suitable for mining natural mineral deposits and for driving sections, galleries and tunnels.

Technical data BML B/N 110

First Tiller BFT 110

Designed for efficient scraping of roofs in unsupported drifts or other areas in stable rock, the BFT 110 is also suitable for cutting slotted walls for dam gates and for grading drift walls.

Datenblatt BFT 110

Milling Loaders BML 50

The BML 50 is a production and loading machine for medium-hard material and ideally suited for fast and safe excavation of tunnels, drifts and galleries with smaller cross-sections.

Datenblatt BML 50

Technical Data

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